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Information Security

Organizations frequently must evaluate, select, and employ a variety of IT security services in order to maintain and improve their overall IT security programs.

As enterprises grow, so does the requirement for global information exchange amongst employees, suppliers, partners and customers. However, as this information becomes more broadly distributed, threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of this information increase exponentially.

Factors to be considered when selecting, implementing, and managing IT security services include: the type of service arrangement; service provider qualifications, requirements, experience, and viability; trustworthiness of service provider employees; and protection for organization systems, applications, and data. These considerations may apply (in varying degrees) depending on the size, type, complexity, cost, and criticality of the services being considered.

Our consultants at GreenSys understand all facets of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS) deployments and can implement a solution that is transparent to your network. We have deployed multiple different solutions over homogenous or heterogeneous networks and our technical expertise with regard to information security allows us to position the right solution for your organization's specific requirements.

We leverage our core network expertise in developing a strategic Firewall and Network Access Control (NAC) solution for our clients. Understanding which parts of the infrastructure (routers and switches) that need to be utilized to ensure the network is operating securely is critical to any Firewall and NAC solution implementation.