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Network Infrastructure Assessment

Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex.

Support for critical enterprise applications and converged communication systems have created unparalleled expectations for network availability and performance.

The network assessment plays an essential role in planning for new network implementations or troubleshooting existing ones. Not having an accurate picture of a network’s capabilities and issues can pose serious problems that could complicate, even undermine, a planned implementation.

GreenSys’ Network Assessment service will help you ensure your network operating at peak efficiency and is ready to support your business. Network Infrastructure Assessments utilize industry best practices, best in class tools and a proven methodology that produces actionable recommendations for network remediation and improvements.

Upon completion of the network assessment, the customer receives the following:

  • A review of existing network infrastructure and issues
  • Analysis based on test results
  • Recommendations for remediation or implementation
  • Statistical reports
  • Network diagrams

The results and recommendations from the network assessment enable the customer to develop a detailed understanding of their current network capabilities and determine if the network supports their technical direction and timeline for implementation.